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The company went to Anhui to carry out team building activities

The company went to Anhui to carry out team building activities

From May 19 to May 20, Sinfon organized about 40 member so fvarious departments, key members of each team, and young employees to go to Huangshan ,Anhui Province to carry out team building activities…

From May 19 to May 20, the company organized about 40 members of various departments, key members of each team, and young employees to go to Huangshan, Anhui Province to carry out team building activities, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the motherland, and receive traditional cultural education.

The Huizhou area in southern Anhui Province boasts outstanding talents and beautiful scenery. On the first day, we will carry out outreach activities at the RV camping base at the foot of Huangshan Mountain. This expansion project is based on brainstorming. There are single-person projects, two-person projects, small team projects, and all projects, and how individuals and team members can use limited information to break through directional thinking and achieve their ultimate goals.



Pyramid cone speed splicing, knot detachment, gecko puzzle, in addition to testing the rapid hands-on ability, but also requires a breakthrough in traditional thinking, using simplest method to complete the task.


Solitaire Poker, testing teamwork, tactical application execution, and summing up experiences have greatly improved performance.

The most brain-burning "Pirates of Dream Space" has thirty cards, which are arranged in a logical order within thirty minutes according to the rules. After close cooperation, exchanges and analysis, and through team leader organization, all the members completed their goals.


After one night's renovation, all the members went to Hongcun, Yixian County the next day to visit the world cultural heritage – Hongcun ancient buildings.

Hongcun was built in the Shaoxing period of the Southern Song Dynasty. It used to be the place where Wang Xing lived. It has been stretched for more than 800 years. The village has more than 140 well-preserved ancient houses in Ming and Qing Dynasties, including Nanhu College, Chengzhitang, Jingxiu Church, Dongxian Church, Sanlitang, and Syrentang. As an outstanding representative of Huizhou ancient architecture, it is simple and dignified. Extensive, simple and elegant, interesting.




Hongcun Water System Planning Science and Practice: Leading the mountain between the springs as the “bovine intestines” flows from each household in front of the house, and then flows into the village's monthly marsh known as “cow stomach”, and then it is filtered. Flowing to the south of the village, the “belly” of Nanhu, solved the water demand of Guhong Village’s life, production, and firefighting.


The traditional virtues of diligent, intelligent, honoring teachers, respecting teachers, honoring seniors, conducting business honestly, and treating honest officials are the epitome of Huizhou people's spiritual culture. They also accumulated a deep and profound Huizhou culture in a long history.
In addition to the expansion and excursions, the group construction activities will further smelt the team and enhance understanding of mutual trust. All Shunfeng people will devote themselves to their future work with full enthusiasm and meet the challenges of severe market with their faith.