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The company organized team development activities

The company organized team development activities

InMay20th,thecompanyorganizedmorethan40membersofvariousdepartments,keymembersofteamsandgroupsandyoungemployees,andwenttothenewNorthChengChengvillagetocarryoutteamdevelopmentactivities.  Smeltingteam,e

In May 20th, the company organized more than 40 members of various departments, key members of teams and groups and young employees, and went to the new North Cheng Cheng village to carry out team development activities.



Smelting team, enhance mutual trust, cooperation, stimulate potential, unity and complete the task, is the theme and objectives of this event. Morning, under the guidance of instructors, we are divided into two groups, carried out the "trust back fall", "no down forest", "graduation wall" three experiential training projects. "Trust fall exercise" is mutual trust among team members; "down the forest" requires all members of coordination, listen to the command "graduation wall" to keep step with; all members of solidarity, all over the walls four meters within the prescribed time. Through the instructor's guidance, all students actively input, coordination, and successfully completed the usually impossible task. In particular, the final "graduation wall" project requires 45 minutes to complete, through all members to assist closely, we used only 16 minutes and 40 seconds, that is, all members successfully cross the high wall, reflecting the team's potential and strength.







The experience of national defense education activities in the afternoon is even more exciting.





All of us experience a pistol, shotgun and sniper rifle firing, resulting in a "wind gun"; group live CS drills and archery experience. Over the army, a military addiction.


The hot weather can not stop us from participating in the activity, and the harsh market competition environment can not stop the pace of the enterprising wind. Through this event, all members have further strengthened mutual trust and understanding, and will help each other and cooperate in the future work to complete our production and management tasks.