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"Sinfon Power" modern apprenticeship classes officially opened


October 19 afternoon, our company and Changzhou Engineering Vocational and Technical College of personnel training cooperation projects: "Sinfon Power" modern apprenticeship classes in the formal opening ceremony of the College of Engineering. General manager of Yang Road and his party 5, the college party secretary Ou Hansheng, vice president of Hong Xiao, Dean, Office of Recruitment and Employment, school-enterprise cooperation, School of information, electrical and Mechanical College leaders, and 27 apprenticeship students participated Opening ceremony.

The modern apprenticeship system is a new attempt of the school-enterprise cooperation talent training mode. With the help of the teacher's strength and the training environment of the enterprise, the students can develop their skills through theoretical courses, product courses and practical courses. Enhance the overall quality of the target.

Vice President Hong Xiao spoke on behalf of the school. He discussed the importance of modern apprenticeship classes, put forward problems and solutions in school-enterprise cooperation, and gave examples of the successful experiences of cooperation between schools and enterprises. Emphasizing the realization of schools, enterprises, students tripartite win-win situation, we must apply the theory to practice, the "two skin into a skin", so as to enable school-enterprise cooperation to a new high. Subsequently, Sun Huayu, general manager of the company on behalf of Lu, chairman of the speech, on the school's strong support to thank the school and the company has confirmed the effectiveness of cooperation.




Students in the countdown sound, school and enterprise leaders together for the "Sinfon Power" modern apprenticeship classes inaugurated, and posed for pictures. Finally, Sun Huayu for the students on the "corporate culture" the first lesson.




The first phase of the "Sinfon Power" modern apprenticeship classes have successfully opened the class, hoping to nearly a year of course learning, the real ability to enhance students, employment and career development to help.

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