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The company held 2016 annual meeting


In January 13, 2017, the company and all the staff came to the shore of Taihu Wuxi cayu Jun Tang Hotel, 2016 annual meeting held and spring dinner.


Half past nine, the company more than 90 people came to the hotel conference room, held a working meeting of the year 2016. At the meeting, the various departments of the company made a report on the work of the year 2016, the work of summing up the gains and losses of the year, and put forward the work plan in 2017 and strive to improve the direction. Then, Yang Dalu, general manager of the company made a summary of the work in 2016. Yang total from the company management, management, production organization, customer development and maintenance of all aspects of the review of the company's work in 2016, affirmed the achievements, but also pointed out the deficiencies. He called on all employees in 2017 to roll up its sleeves dry gas, and constantly create new career wind companies. Finally, the company in recognition of the 2016 outstanding employees, were awarded certificates and prizes for them. Since then, the successful completion of the work conference.




Buffet lunch after the full opening for a whole afternoon entertainment mode: chess, table tennis, billiards, swimming, fitness, KTV, many projects to choose from, only one goal: to relax, meet to dinner.



At half past five in the afternoon, all the staff and guests sign in, sit, spring dinner started. After the planning and management of the backbone of the whole company actively apply for the arts, the company prepared a total of eight performances, a total of four awards and prizes of the 100 small gifts. All my colleagues in the taste of delicious food, push the cup to change the lamp at the same time, enjoy the show and anxiously looking forward to the host newspaper on its own winning number. Combined with the high performance of the gift on the draw, the atmosphere of the party a wave higher than a wave. One of the sales performance of the little dance and multi sectoral joint comedy fool 2 won the most applause and flash. With the award iPad air2 out, the party atmosphere reached the climax. Happy time is short and precious, with "unforgettable tonight" sounded, the party also successfully concluded.





Sinfon Power of all my colleagues with their own sweat and wisdom, sent a busy and extraordinary 2016. The dawn of the new year has come, and the new challenge will begin. Let us unite, to get rid of difficulties, courage, confidence, hope and opportunity to meet in 2017.

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