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Jiangnan Rural Commercial bank Data Center


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Jiangnan Rural Commercial bank Data Center


In February 2018, we successfully completed the procurement of the data disaster recovery center diesel generator set (including supporting facilities) – one of the “three centers” construction projects of Jiangsu Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. and the final acceptance of related service projects; passed the certification of CQC and CTTL; and was unanimously praised by all parties including party A, the project management company and the project supervision company.

The data disaster recovery center has a construction area of ​​13,865 square meters and a building height of 24 meters. It is a multi-story building and its main functions are three functional areas for production, office and disaster recovery. The data center diesel generator system is equipped with 4 Cummins 1800kW/10KV generator sets, 2 sets of 50 cubic meters of oil tanks and oil supply systems, 8 sets of Schneider medium voltage power distribution systems, 2500KVA Thomson dummy loads, etc. to meet the emergency power demand of the center.

Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank’s data disaster recovery center is a new project with a large quantity of construction professional demands and a tight schedule. In view of the above-mentioned engineering characteristics, our company has overcome various unfavorable conditions in the process of manufacturing, construction and management of complete sets of units and has successfully completed this project by adhering to the goal of creating excellent projects, the spirit of providing customers with excellent service, and the work style of being hard-working and down-to-earth. 

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