With the rapid development of human production and social activities, many demands and contradictions have also been produced and intensified accordingly. All kinds of disasters and accidents often make people in a dangerous environment, but people have the ability to prevent these dangers.


Yet people take the capacity of making supporting development to remove foe generally however incredibly restricted, some of the time or even in befuddled circumstance, feel basically helpless.People explore and create different special quipment, different canny robot by reasonable methods or foul therefore, in the expectation of knowing somewhat, achieve something in face of disaster.


From the current research and development of the actual situation, most are still fixed function, single operation of the device. In the face of changing accidents, SINFON POWER successfully developed and produced Crawler-type Multifunctional Workstation, to deal with complex and changeable hazards.


This is a multi system, multi-functional product, mainly used to solve the problem of working in the field or harsh environment. With flexibility and mobility, the workstation is widely used in hillside, wetland, desert, oilfield, petrochemical industry and pipeline construction. With mobile carrier, power generation, lighting, pumping, cutting, welding, lifting, air pressure, high lift function. The integrated configuration makes the installation and maintenance convenient, and also makes these units have advantages and long-term work efficiency.


The purpose of the invention is to replace human beings to enter the dangerous area and engage in the crawler type walking robot operation workstation in the non living environment.


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