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Harm of poor quality diesel to diesel generators

In the process of generating electricity, diesel generator sets need diesel fuel to burn and drive, so that they can provide us with power. But sometimes we will add some inferior diesel. Inferior diesel will affect the use and power generation of diesel generator sets, and directly affect the power of the generator set and the incidence of engine failure. If the diesel is of better quality and the combustion rate is higher, the power of the unit can be used normally. On the contrary, the poor purity of diesel directly leads to more carbon deposits in the engine cylinder, insufficient power of the unit, and frequent failures. Here is an introduction to the hazards of low-quality diesel to diesel generator sets:


1. Diesel has high sulfur content, which destroys the quality of the oil, reduces the performance of the oil prematurely, and prevents the engine of the diesel generator set from getting good lubrication.

2. The low calorific value of diesel fuel cannot reach the specified value. The fuel consumption rate is higher than the rated power of the calibrated engine, which directly causes the power of the diesel generator set to decrease.

3. The residual carbon content is high, and the combustion produces excessive carbon deposits, which affects the combustion effect of the engine, and the combustion temperature is too high, causing early damage to the ring and cylinder liner.

4. High water content can damage the lubrication of the precision parts of the fuel pump and fuel injector.

5. There are many impurities, which damage the precision parts of the fuel pump and the fuel injection nozzle, and the nozzle hole of the fuel injection nozzle becomes worn.

6. The diesel filter element is easy to block, the power of the diesel generator set is reduced, and the diesel replacement interval is shortened.

7. Inferior diesel is easy to cause cylinder pull, resulting in the overall scrapping of the diesel engine.

8. Inferior diesel is not easy to burn and will produce a lot of exhaust gas during use.

9. Inferior diesel will easily cause the three filters of the generator set to be blocked, which will affect the service life of the generator set. More info pls click here: Diesel Generator Manufacturer & Supplier