How to deal with the isolation of noise of cummins diesel generator set

When the cummins diesel generator works, it will create noise. Then do you know how to deal with the isolation of noise for the cummins generator? The following details for everyone to introduce.

The soundproof window of the diesel generator room

Change the former windows into soundproof windows with the specification of 900mm×1500mm. The stamen consists of a double layer of sealed glass. The air thickness in the middle is from 50mm to 90mm. It not only attains the purpose of sound isolation but also meets the original function of lighting.

The soundproof door installed in the diesel generator room

Convenient for cleaning dust and maintaining devices, transform the original wood door into a soundproof door. For the concrete practice, fill it with thick ultra-fine glass wool or rock wool, and outfit it with a 2.5mm thick perforated aluminum plate, which reduces the noise from the machine room to the outside world.

Separate the cummins standby generator from people

Separate the duty room from the generator room, and install the soundproof above the duty room for the convenience to observe the working of the generator. Set the exit and entrance between the generator room and duty room and install the soundproof door on the door opening to reduce the noise from the duty room to the generator room and take the convenience for manipulating.

The inner wall of the diesel generator room properly treated with sound absorption

The noise reduction engineering team of the Cummins China address company of the diesel generator can remold the original interior wall. The rock wool is made into a cuboid sound-absorbing board of certain specifications, and the outer cover is fixed with galvanized steel wire mesh. The sound-absorbing board is arranged on the wall and space interface. When the sound-absorbing board is hung on the surface of the wall, the lower edge is 100mm from the inner wall, the upper edge is 250mm, and the height of the plate is set at 3500mm. In this way, the high-frequency sound waves can be attenuated. And at the same time, there is an air layer behind the sound absorption plate to improve the low-frequency sound absorption coefficient.

Above are the solutions to sound isolation of Cummins diesel generator. The cummins portable generators are widely applied to various industries. They are pretty convenient for many factories to gain the power supply in the circumstance of an intermittent power cut. Sinfo Power focusing on manufacturing diesel generator sets is an established company and is founded in 1985. In addition, Sinfo Power is a professional supplier specialized in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of diesel, gas, bioenergy, solar energy generating sets and provides power solutions.

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