Crawler-Type Multifunctional Workstation
Crawler-Type Multifunctional Workstation

After several years of development, Sinfon Power successfully developed and produced Crawler-type Multifunctional Workstation. This is multi-system and multiple function-oriented product, mainly for solving problems of working in wild field or harsh environment. With its flexibility and mobility, the workstation widely used in mountainside, wetland, desert, oil field, petrochemical industry and piping construction. It has the function of mobile carrier, electric generation, lighting, pumping, cutting, welding, lifting, air pressure, high lift. The integrated configuration makes convenient installation and repair, which also makes the units have superiority and long-term working efficiency.

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>>>Crawler-type Multifunctional Workstation:
● Crawler-type Workstation series for welding.
● Crawler-type Workstation Series for piping line pressure testing.
● Crawler-type Workstation Series for power generation.
● Crawler-type Workstation Series for air compressing.
>>>Technical Characteristics:
1. World famous brand parts are adopted in the workstation, such as hydraulic system from America Sauer.
2. 3-strip crawler belt is applied in the workstation and driven by hydraulic system; this workstation is widely applied in the field construction, such as ordinary road, mountain area, desert and Gobi Desert etc. For their advantage of low ground pressure, easy operation and excellent mobility.
3. Built-in brakers are applied in the transmission and automatically brake when stopping. It has the advantage of quick response, great brake and high security.
4. Famous brand hydraulic is assembled in the workstation, which can turn around 360 degree and meet the requirement of the workstation.
5. The while workstation is reasonably designed and compacted in structure, so it is very convenient to move, transport and maintain.

Series No. Item Name Parameters
1 Model No. WY80H WY102H WY120H
2 Welding Machine Capacity/ Quantity 500A /2 Set 500A /2 Set 500A / 4 Set
3 Carrying Capacity 6T 8T 10T
4 Climbing Ability ≤ 30° ≤ 30° ≤ 30°
5 Speed (Km/h) 0-10 0-10 0-10
6 Lifting Capacity Lifting Weight (Ton) 1-2 1.25-2.5 1.25-3
7 Lifting Range (M) 5.6 6.2 6.8
8 Engine (Volvo) Model TAD531GE TAD532GE TAD731GE
9 Rated Power / RPM 96KW / 1500 124KW / 1500 145KW / 1500
10 Alternator (Stamford) Model UCI274C UCI274E UCI274F
11 Rated Power 80KW 112KW 128KW
12 Overall Dimension L * W * H (mm) 5000*2400*2800 5350*2400*2950 5800*2400*2980
13 Overall Weight (Kg) 8200 9550 10600

Since 1985 to present, more than 50000 units high-quality generator units are widely used in the railway, oil field, hospital, factory, building, port and troops. It can be seen that Sinfon power generator sets provide power continuously on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with average altitude more than 4000m, cold Northern China oil field and oceangoing cargo vessel sailing all over the world. Founded in 1985, SINFON POWER is specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of diesel, gas, bioenergy, solar energy generating sets and providing comprehensive power solutions.
Our company has obtained ISO certificates and Communication Industry Certificate, etc.

Our company has obtained ISO certificates and Communication Industry Certificate, etc.
ISO certificates:
ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certificate
ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System Certificate
OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate

Communication Industry Certificate-TLC certificate:
Perkins series generating sets: SP (7kW-1000kW)
Volvo Penta series generating sets: SV (56kW-500kW)

One of the earliest enterprises in China obtained the following valuable licenses:
Network access license of communication equipment issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information
Admittance license of generating unit for oil field
Network purchasing information publishing qualification of army.

1. Reliable Performance is the major advantages of Sinfon Power products, and this reliability is based on the outstanding design in every aspect and strict Q.C System.
2. We devote ourselves to develop products to meet customer' s requirements. Our engineers develop and design new products for customers.
3. Our engineer team will solve your technical problems within 48 hours.
4. Every product will be tested before ex-factory and the test result should be 100% qualified before delivery.
5. Certification like CE, ISO & CCS will be provided.

1. What is your power range of your diesel generator?
Answer: We can provide power from 7kVA to 3000kVA.

2. What is your payment term?
Answer: We can accept 30% T/T in advance for deposit and balance against the delivery. And L/C at sight can also be granted.

3. What is your warranty?
Answer: The warranty of our majority products is one year or 1000 hours working hours from the shipment date except Volvo Brand.

4. What is your MOQ?
Answer: Our MOQ is at least 1 set.

5. What is the voltage and frequency of your diesel Generator?
Answer: 50/60 Hz, 380/220V, 400/230V, 415/240V, 6000V ,11000V or as customer' s requests.

6. Do you offer OEM service?
Answer: Yes.

7. What is your lead time?
Answer: Average 40 days.

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