Some safety notice about desel generator you must understand

The accident of potential risk caused by lack of safety consciousness happens occasionally. Recently, the editor has seen the safety accident from the Internet resulted from not using the diesel generator set in line with the code for safe use. Withal, I suggest you read the standardized guidance documents more times to effectively avoid some safety accidents after you bought the powertech diesel generator. Today, I would like to take several typical safety notices as follows:

Pay attention to the danger of electric shock

The power of the diesel generator set flowing into the common circuit must be through the swither with mechanical chain and be isolated with electric supply. When you need to parallel with the electric supply, you must get the approval of the professional department (the review electrical bureau) and apply the professional device of synchronization. Otherwise, there are the accident risks of devices and people.

China diesel generator set must be reliable grounding. Must use insulating tools when checking the electric device. Pay more attention to the danger of electric shock under a humid circumstance. Obey all the electrical requirements, and the installation and maintenance of the electrical part of the device must be carried out by professional electrical staff.

The poison exhaust gas

The generator should be equipped with an exhaust gas emitted system to ensure its flue gas is banished to the outdoor. Always check whether the exhaust gas efflux system is a gas leak. When there is exhaust gas in the diesel generator room, should firstly open the windows emitting the gas and then enter the room to avoid the poison Carbon Oxide in the exhaust gas.

The security of running

Don't apply diesel generator sets near the explosive. It is dangerous to be close to diesel generators. Loosen clothes, hair, and fallen tools will result in significant accidents of devices and people. Part of the bare pipe and components of the running diesel generator are at a high temperature, and be cautious about touch burn.

The prevention of fire

The metallic substance can lead to the short circuit of electric wire, which can cause a fire risk. The motor of the generator should keep clean. The excess oily dirt will cause the excessive heat of the machine, which may lead to damage and fire. Should put several dry powder or Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers at the convenient place of the diesel generator room.

The use safe of lead-acid cells

The dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte of the lead-acid battery is poisonous and corrosive. Touching it will lead to burn, and should clean it as soon as possible.

If it splashes into your eyes, you should clean your eyes with numerous water and go to a hospital. The battery will emit explosive gas during use. Ensure good air circulation in the room and forbid the flames to get close to.

The security of starting

Under the freezing circumstance, starting diesel generators needs a preheating device and must not use an open fire baking engine body. The temperature of battery acid should keep more than 10℃ which can make the battery provide enough electric power.

Above are the cautions of the diesel generator. If you would like to learn more information about silent diesel gensets, please contact us. We are one of the most professional china diesel generator suppliers.


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