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  • Diesel generator starting steps and matters needing attention

    The start of diesel generator sets will encounter problems. The following is an introduction to the start-up steps and precautions of diesel generators: 1. Preparation before starting diesel generator Before starting the diesel generator, it is necessary to check whether the cooling water or antifreeze in the water tank of…
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  • Harm of poor quality diesel to diesel generators

    In the process of generating electricity, diesel generator sets need diesel fuel to burn and drive, so that they can provide us with power. But sometimes we will add some inferior diesel. Inferior diesel will affect the use and power generation of diesel generator sets, and directly affect the power…
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  • What is a wind turbine

    A wind turbine is a power device that converts wind energy into mechanical work, which drives the rotor to rotate, and finally outputs alternating current. Wind turbines generally consist of wind turbines, generators (including devices), steering gears (tail wings), towers, speed limiting safety mechanisms, and energy storage devices. The working…
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