Diesel Generator Safety

The diesel generator safety should be paid more attention to when operating the machine. Hence, as a factory manufacturer, we are about to share some tips to help our users avoid hurting by improper operation. The start of diesel generator sets will encounter problems. The following is an introduction to the start-up steps and precautions of diesel generators:

1. Preparation before starting diesel generator

Before starting the diesel generator, it is necessary to check whether the cooling water or antifreeze in the water tank of the diesel engine is sufficient and fill it up if it is missing. Pull out the oil dipstick to check whether the lubricating oil is missing. If it is missing, add it to the specified "static full" scale. Then carefully check the relevant parts for hidden troubles. If you find any malfunctions, remove them in time before starting the machine.


2. It is strictly forbidden to start diesel generators with load

Before starting the diesel generator, note that the output air switch of the generator must be in the off state. After the diesel engine of the ordinary generator set is started, it will be idling for 3-5 minutes (about 700 rpm) in winter, and the temperature is low in winter, and the idling time should be appropriately extended for a few minutes. After starting the diesel engine, first, observe whether the oil pressure is normal and whether there are any abnormalities such as oil leakage or water leakage. (Under normal circumstances, the oil pressure must be above 0.2MPa). If any abnormality is found, immediately shut down for maintenance. If there is no abnormal phenomenon, the speed of the diesel engine is increased to the rated speed of 1500 rpm, and the generator displays a frequency of 50HZ and a voltage of 400V, and the output air switch can be closed and put into use. The generator set is not allowed to run without load for a long time. (Because long-term no-load operation will make the diesel fuel sprayed by the diesel engine injectors cannot be completely burned, resulting in carbon deposits, causing valve and piston ring leaks.) If it is an automated generator set, it does not need to run at idle speed, because the automated generator set is generally Equipped with a water heater, the diesel engine cylinder is always kept at about 45℃, and the diesel engine can be powered normally within 8-15 seconds after starting.


3. Pay attention to the working status of the diesel generator set in operation

Diesel generators should have a dedicated person on duty during work, and always pay attention to a series of possible failures, especially the changes in important factors such as oil pressure, water temperature, oil temperature, voltage, and frequency. In addition, pay attention to having enough diesel. If the fuel is interrupted during operation, it will objectively cause a load stop, which may cause damage to the generator excitation control system and related components.


4. It is strictly forbidden to stop the diesel generator set under load

Before stopping each time, the load must be cut off gradually, and then the output air switch of the generator set must be turned off, and the diesel engine must be decelerated to idle for about 3-5 minutes before stopping.


5. Diesel generator safety rules when operating:

(1) For generators powered by diesel engines, the operation of the engine part shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations of internal combustion engines.

(2) Before starting the generator, you must carefully check whether the wiring of each part is correct, whether each connecting part is firm, whether the brush is normal, whether the pressure meets the requirements, and whether the grounding wire is good.

(3) Before starting the diesel generator, place the resistance of the excitation rheostat at a large position, disconnect the output switch, and disconnect the clutch for the generator set with a clutch. Start the diesel engine with no load first and start the generator after it runs smoothly.

(4) After the diesel generator starts to run, you should always pay attention to whether there is mechanical noise, abnormal vibration, etc. After confirming that the situation is normal, adjust the generator to the rated speed and the voltage to the rated value, and then close the output switch to supply power. The load should be gradually increased, striving for a three-phase balance.

(5) The parallel operation of diesel generators must meet the conditions of the same frequency, the same voltage, the same phase, and the same phase sequence.

6) The diesel generators that are to be operated in parallel must all have entered normal and stable operation.

(7) After receiving the signal of "ready to be connected in parallel", adjust the speed of the diesel engine based on the whole device, and close at the synchronization instant

(8) Diesel generators running in parallel should adjust the load reasonably and distribute the active power and reactive power of each generator in a balanced manner. Active power is adjusted by diesel engine throttle, and reactive power is adjusted by excitation.

(9) The running diesel generator should pay close attention to the sound of the engine and observe whether the indications of various instruments are within the normal range. Check whether the running part is normal and whether the temperature rise of the diesel generator is too high. And make a good running record.

(10) When the diesel generator stops, reduce the load first, restore the excitation rheostat to reduce the voltage to a small value, and then turn off the switches in order to stop the diesel engine.

(11) If a diesel generator operating in parallel needs to be stopped due to a load drop, the load of the generator that needs to be stopped should be transferred to the generator that continues to run, and then the single generator should be stopped. Method for parking. If you need to stop all the stops, cut off the load first, and then shut down a single generator.

(12) For mobile diesel generators, the chassis must be parked on a stable foundation before use, and it is not allowed to move during operation.

(13) When the diesel generator is running, even if it is not exciting, it should be considered as carrying voltage. It is forbidden to work on the lead wire of the rotating generator and touch or clean the rotor by hand. The generator in operation shall not be covered with canvas or other materials. 14. After the diesel generator is overhauled, it is necessary to carefully check whether there are tools, materials, and other sundries between the rotor and stator slots to avoid damage to the generator during operation.